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I am a computer software person by profession, but a lifetime learner, linguist, and scientist by interest and passion. I love to learn, and I love to teach.

This blog is about learning - fundamentally. But it is a blog with attitude. I will stand on the soapbox, but will make it clear when I do so. I have strong opinions, and I will not be shy, or fearful about stating them.

There will be bashing - of ideas, never of people. Behaviors, and not individuals. Each human being is a complex set of behaviors. When I denounce the behavior, I don't denounce the human. He or she may have compensating attributes that are their savings graces - but I choose to ignore them during the aforementioned focus on bashing the particular behavior.

I will not allow bashing or personal attacks in comments either. If I ever engage in that, I want to be called on it.


Learning. Teaching. Languages. Science. Software Architecture. Patterns.